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Division of payment cards by geograph-ical usage

1. Local maps are intended for use on the territory of a particular city, region, or within the network of a particular Bank

2. National fullzcarding are valid only on the territory of the state where the issuing Bank operates. On their front surface there is usually a special mark about this. You should not take such cards on foreign trips: foreign ATMs and terminals are still not able to recognize them

3. Cccardingsites of international payment systems will be readily accepted in any corner of the world. Among them, the most famous are VISA, MasterCard, American Express, China UnionPay and others

Splitting Bank cards by data recording method

1. Embossed cards are characterized by applying the necessary information (card number, name and surname of its owner, expiration date) on their surface by stamping ltdccshop

2. Cards with a magnetic stripe. All the required information is encoded on a magnetized strip divided into three tracks. The owner is identified by entering a PIN code

3. Microprocessor cards have an integrated microchip, which stores all the most important information. It is very difficult to steal information from such cards, so they are considered the most secure for their owners

4. Virtual cards are distinguished by their lack of physical form. Its owner is entitled only to a sheet of paper containing the card number, expiration date shopsellcvv, and cvc2/cvv2 code